Proud to be Eastern Iowa's Premiere High School Fall League Since 2012!

2019 League Champions: Blue Top Ridge at Riverside


League MVP 


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Week 5 Schedule
Ct 1 - Blue Top vs Pancheros - Semi-Finals (Gm 7) 
Ct 2 - Formosa vs Chop/Chiro - 5th place (Gm 8)
Ct 1 - Tap N Tacos vs W game 7 (CHAMPIONSHIP)
Ct 2 - W game 8 vs L game 7 (3rd place game)
Ct 1 - League All- Star Game 

All-League Selections

League Defensive Player of the Year


Masen Miller. Pancheros

League Rising Star (8th-10th Grade)


David Pope, Chop House/Coralville Chiro

1st Team All-League
  • MASEN MILLER ​, Pancheros
  • TREY SHEARER. Blue Top 
  • JD STOUT, Blue Top
  • LANDON EILAND, Formosa
  • MAX LAMPE, Tap 'N Tacos
2nd Team All-League
  • BYRON BENTON, Pancheros
  • IRA HAZELTINE, Chop/Chiro
  • MIKE POTTER, Chop/Chiro
  • ANTWON FRENCH, Formosa
Fall League participants have/are playing college basketball at these institutions:

Dr. Aaron Schroeder

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Thank you to all of our sponsors! 

Thank you to all of our sponsors! 

Iowa Dynasty

Fall League

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& Rules 

League Schedule

& Rules  



- Games times: 11am,12pm, & 1pm 

- Teams will play two 3v3 games & two 5v5 games per weekend


- 3v3 games are split by age

(youngest at one hoop, oldest on another) 


- Immediately following 3v3, teams come together and play 5v5



- Standard IHSAA followed, except for the following: 

- Games will be played with two 18 min running clock (stopped on free throws & last two minutes of first half)

- Games will be over once Elam Ending is completed

(see explanation to the right)

- Each player will be granted six fouls per game

- Coaches receive two timeouts per game








New in 2019, Dynasty Fall League is adopting an exciting new way to finish games called the Elam Ending. Also prominently seen used in "The Basketball Tournament" hosted by ESPN.



 How the Elam Ending works: At the first dead-ball whistle after the time goes below four minutes in the final quarter or half, the clock gets turned off. At that point, a target score is set, equaling the leading team’s point total plus seven. Then, the first team to hit that target score wins.

Example: Team A is leading Team B 58-48 when the "Elam Ending" activates. To win, Team A needs to score seven points before Team B scores 17. All regular basketball rules still apply, however, now it is not a battle against the clock, but rather to a target score. 

Elam Ending

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